ACI Global


Leading Global Association of
Wholesale Financial Markets Participants

ACI is a leading non-profit, non-political association of wholesale financial market professionals. Members of ACI are in a large part engaged in professional trading, broking, operations, regulatory and compliance activities in foreign exchange, money fixed income and derivatives markets. ACI was founded in Paris in 1955 as Association Cambiste Internationale and has a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping its membership through various market iterations/interactions. ACI currently counts some 13,000 international members from more than 60 countries, with growing interest globally.

It's mission is to be a leading, global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to the market development through education, market practices, technical advice and networking events.

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ACI Model Code

The ACI Model Code is the global industry standard, and the cornerstone of the ACI. The ACI Model Code provides unparalleled opportunity for professionals to understand how to conduct themselves in the wholesale financial markets. The ACI Model Code is officially endorsed by the FX Committees, central bankers and regulators in over 15 countries, with active participation in its maintenance by all sides of the industry via our Committee for Professionalism.

Institutions & Individuals

Partnering with the ACI can substantially add to the image of your institution as one that embraces the top global values so important to clients today. The contribution ACI corporate customers and ACI individual members make to the improvement of the financial services industry, and the overall leadership that these companies provide, is widely recognised.