Executive Committee


Our members are wholesale market practitioners in originations, trading, sales, management and operations. Dealing in asset classes covering currencies, interest rates, equities, commodities and their derivatives and holding positions ranging from junior dealers to treasury managers, and country heads of banks and financial institutions operating in Singapore.

45th Executive Committee (EXCO) 2018

PresidentAndrew NgDBS Bank Ltd
Deputy PresidentSamuel KohOCBC Bank Ltd
Honorary SecretaryKenneth KanDymon Asia Capital
Honorary TreasurerDanny CheungICAP AP (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Committee MemberAlex TanTradition (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Committee Member Clara ChanTullett Prebon (Singapore) Ltd
Committee MemberLee Chee PinUOB Ltd
Committee MemberMatthew PngUOB Ltd
Committee MemberMax RozarioBGC Partners (Singapore) Ltd
Committee MemberPeter SohDBS Bank Ltd
Committee MemberSabrina TanScotia Bank
Committee MemberTerence Gan
Co-Opted MemberGavin PowellHSBC
Co-Opted MemberLeng Hoe LonStandard Chartered Bank
Honorary AuditorBryan YapDaun Consulting (S) Pte Ltd
Honorary AuditorRavichandranGFI Group Singapore
Honorary AdvisorGerard LeeLion Global Investors Ltd
Honorary AdvisorGoh Say JimTradition (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Honorary AdvisorLam Kun KinOCBC Bank Ltd
Honorary AdvisorRonny Tan
Honorary Legal AdvisorPhuong TrinhFIA Asia
Immediate Past PresidentDaniel KohStandard Chartered Bank
Managing DirectorMervyn FongACI Singapore

Sub Committees

Education Sub-Committee

ChairmanKenneth KanDymon Asia Capital
Committee MembersJustina KohTriceforth Pte Ltd
Leng Hoe LonStandard Chartered Bank
Mervyn FongACI Singapore
Terence Gan

Members' Engagement and Events Sub-Committee

ChairmanDanny CheungICAP AP (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Committee MembersMax RozarioBGC Partners (Singapore) Ltd
Matthew PngUOB Ltd
Mervyn FongACI Singapore
Sabrina TanScotia Bank

Advisory and Job Counselling Sub-Committee

ChairmanSamuel KohOCBC Bank Ltd
Committee MembersAlex TanTradition (S) Pte Ltd
Bryan YapDaun Consulting (S) Pte Ltd
Clara ChanTullett Prebon (Singapore) Limited
Kenneth KanDymon Asia Capital
Mervyn FongACI Singapore
Peter SohDBS Bank Ltd
RavichandranGFI Group Singapore
Terence Gan

Local Representatives of ACI Singapore
Sub-Committee 2018

Regional Representative, SEA, ACI AsiaAndrew Ng
DBS Bank Ltd
Member, Committee for Professionalism, ACISamuel KohOCBC Bank Ltd
Member, Board of Education, ACIMervyn FongACI Singapore